Identify and mitigate your digital risks with our free Cyber Hygiene Assessment.

Identify vulnerabilities, potential threats, protect your digital data and users with the most comprehensive, and detailed evaluation of your cyber resiliency. Every organization should meet a certain standard of cyber hygiene to stay protected. Find out where you stand today. 📈 View a sample report here.

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Understand your cyber risks.

Keeping your base covered in an ever evolving threat landscape means being proactive. Poor cyber hygiene can lead to security incidents that result in financial losses, government penalties, operational downtime, damage to the company's reputation, and legal liability, among other consequences. Uncover hidden threats and make better decisions.

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Get accurate insights based on your answers.

Without good cyber hygiene, organizations can become prone to multiple threats that can affect their business severely. The Cyber Hygiene tool provides accurate insights into your answers with our proprietary catalog of risk-profile.

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Receive a detailed, actionable roadmap customized for you.

With the changing threat landscape, even if you have a perfect security protocol in place, it's not enough. With Cyber Hygiene, we'll help you pinpoint all the risks your organization faces and provide an actionable remediation roadmap to increase your security.

Secure at every step.

⚠️ 100% encrypted at transit and at rest. Secure on AWS Cloud.
We have stringent policies that ensure no sensitive user data like -- your organizational data, assessment responses or risk reports are ever accessed by anyone except you. This means no one, including the team at M-87 Cyber or HoneyTek Systems (creators of this tool) can access your data unless you explicitly share it with them.

The team behind Cyber Hygiene has built several high-security solutions at scale and take utmost care in ensuring data is secure at every step.

How does Cyber Hygiene work?

Taking the Cyber Hygiene assessment is simple. Just create an account, answer questions and instantly receive an actionable remediation roadmap.

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1. Create a free account

Enter & verify your email to create an account that's free forever.

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2. Take the Assessment

Choose from a collection of assessment types that help you learn about your risks categorized by security functions or your extent of interest in security exploration.

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Learn about your risks & the respective remedy.

As you answer questions, the live dashboard will populate the top risks you're prone to, in real-time sorted by risk levels.

Size Doesn’t Matter.

All businesses get attacked. Whether you're in construction, real estate, information science, healthcare, or finance, you must be concerned about data breaches. While large enterprises get the headlines, SMB’s are typically more vulnerable and the losses more crippling.


Before purchasing your first cyber security tool, determine your company's cyber security posture. A firewall and antivirus software are not sufficient to keep your startup safe from hackers, data loss, and breaches.


Small or medium enterprises are frequently hit harder by cyberattacks because they don't have the backup or mitigation services that  larger organizations with a more sophisticated cybersecurity infrastructure do.


Are you a large enterprise with multiple cyber security tools? Even with all of the latest tools, your enterprise may still be vulnerable to attacks if you don't have a proper cyber hygiene foundation.

Cyber Hygiene Assessment
cyber risk assessment

Based on the Industry Standard CIS Controls

The CIS Critical Security Controls (CIS Controls) are a recommended set of actions for cyber defense that provide specific and actionable ways to stop today's most pervasive and dangerous attacks. The CIS Controls are a relatively short list of high-priority, highly effective defensive actions that provide a “must-do, do-first” starting point for every enterprise seeking to improve their cyber defense.

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Curated by leading cybersecurity experts at M-87 Cyber and HoneyTek Systems with over 2 decades of industry experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Cyber Hygiene, they're most likely listed here. If not, feel free to reach out to us at

What is Cyber Hygiene?

Cyber Hygiene is the cybersecurity equivalent of the personal hygiene in healthcare. It is a set of practices that organizations & individuals perform regularly to monitor & maintain health and security of the users,
devices, network & data.

Who is this assessment for?

The assessments in the platform are designed specifically for small & medium businesses to understand where they stand in terms of their cyber hygiene practices. A remediation roadmap is provided to improve their risk exposure.

What is CIS Controls?

The CIS Critical Security Controls (CIS Controls) are a prioritized set of Safeguards to mitigate the most prevalent cyber-attacks against systems and networks. They are mapped to and referenced by multiple legal, regulatory, and policy frameworks. CIS Controls v8 has been enhanced to keep up with modern systems and software.

How does this assessment help my organization?

Based on the industry accepted CIS Controls framework, the assessment provides organizations a birds-eye-view into their cyber hygiene with a risk based prioritization. With the assessments, organizations can sort through their top risks and learn what a remediation plan for that might look like.

Is this relevant to large enterprises?

The "Comprehensive" assessment is designed for enterprise with several thousand employees or assets. Spanning over the entire security best practices based on the CIS Framework, the comprehensive assessment fits best for a large enterprise.